Tips To Keep Your Carpet Clean After A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

end of lease carpet cleaning dinmoreYou want to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet after a professional carpet cleaning service. No matter how careful we are maintaining the cleanliness of carpets becomes a potential issue for homeowners. Consider these carpet care tips to help maintain your carpet following a carpet cleaning service.

Never walk on the carpet before it is dry. Make sure the carpet is completely dry before you step on it. Wet carpet tends to get dirty easily. Never walk on wet carpeting, whether you clean up a small spill or after a professional cleaning to avoid tracking new soil. A carpet isn’t clean until it is completely dry.

Walking barefoot over cleaned carpet doesn’t really help. The natural oils in your skin may leave oily residues on the carpet which can easily attract dirt and leave your carpet with a dirty look. Remove shoes but do not walk barefoot on the carpet. Wear socks or slippers that you only use indoor.

Never let spills and stains remain on the carpet for a long time. Accidents happen and spills and stains can make your carpet look bad. Clean up any spillage immediately. The more time it stays on the carpet, the harder it becomes to clean it.

Clean spills or stains properly. Rubbing the carpet spills or stains with cloth is not such a good idea. It will only cause carpet fibres to absorb the liquid stain further. Instead of rubbing, blot or dry the spills or stains clean cloth or paper towels. Try to use water to clean the stain first. If water does not work, you may use a small amount of dish detergent to get rid of carpet stains. Using a carpet stain remover is another option. However, when nothing seems to work, better contact your professional carpet cleaner for help.

Vacuum carpet regularly. Periodic vacuum cleaning of the carpet helps to keep your carpet looking and feeling clean longer after a professional cleaning service. So make it a usual practice.