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3 Quick carpet cleaning hacks every parent should know


Keeping your carpet looking clean can feel near-impossible when you have small children. Here’s how to deal with 3 common kid-related carpet stains…and keep your sanity in between professional cleans.

How to clean play dough out of carpet

Has your lovely little monster baked you a play dough cake…right on the living room floor? Don’t panic and saturate the area with soapy water. If it’s only fresh, it’s time to put your kid in front of Netflix and get out an old toothbrush.

  1.     If the play dough is still wet, try removing small bits of play dough by dabbing it with a larger ball (like the way you remove Bluetack from a wall using more Bluetack). Whatever won’t come out, you will need to leave to dry.
  2.     Once the play dough is dry, get out that old toothbrush and scrub the fibers. You want to loosen it as much as you can in this step. Be prepared to use some elbow grease and take some time!
  3.     Once you’ve loosened the dough from the fibers, get the vacuum cleaner out and suck up the loose dough. If the carpet still isn’t clean, circle back to step two and repeat the process.

If the dye in the play dough has caused your carpet to stain (lucky you!), you’ll need to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions for removing the discolouration.

How to clean red cordial out of carpet

You’ve walked into your loungeroom at the very moment your child has knocked over a cup of red cordial he knew he wasn’t supposed to have in there. The stain is spreading like a blood splatter all over your cream carpet. Quick! What do you do?

  1.     Get an old towel (or two) and immediately begin soaking up as much of the cordial as possible. Use pressure by standing on the towel or blotting it with your hands and bodyweight. Red food colouring is a very effective dye that’s even worse once it’s dried…so you’re going to want to keep soaking up the stain until it is no longer wet.
  2.     Begin dabbing the stain with cold water and a sponge. This will help to transfer remaining dye out of the fibers. Again, follow with blotting dry with a towel.
  3.     Use a carpet cleaning solution or a homemade remedy if none is on hand. For example, diluting a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid into 1 litre of warm water can be an effective stain remover. Once you’ve applied the stain remover, do another clean cold water and towel-blotting cycle.

If you are still left with a nasty stain after following these steps, it might be time to call in some professional help.

How to biro pen out of carpet

Has your child got their ‘pen license’ a little too early and gone to town on your carpet? Permanent inks such as ballpoint pens and permanent markers can cause a big mess and dealing with them incorrectly could leave your carpet permanently stained.

  1.     You’re going to need to use an agent that will act as a solvent on the ink such as rubbing alcohol or acetone (acetone nail polish remover can be used in a pinch!). Saturate the stain with the product, allowing it to soak into the fibers.
  2.     Begin blotting the stain with cotton wool balls, lifting as much of the dye pigment from the carpet as possible.
  3.     Blot dry with paper towel. Repeat steps until the stain is completely removed.

If the stain persists, consider contacting a local carpet cleaner to get some professional assistance.


Why Use Professional Carpet Care Services

Professional carpet cleaning is the best ways to keep your carpet looking good. Professionally cleaned carpets, not only it can clean and disinfect the carpet fibres but also prolong its life. It requires proper carpet cleaning to maintain the pristine condition of the carpet. Having the needed tools and equipment is key to getting the job done.

True clean can be achieved by proper carpet cleaning. The use of highly-effective equipment and cleaning products maximizes clean. Carpet Cleaning experience and expertise play an important role in getting the best result.

Bumps and wrinkles may soon appear on carpets over time, especially with carpets placed at areas with high foot traffic. This is where carpet stretching come in quite helpful.

Before you decide to replace your carpet, you may want to consider having your existing carpet cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner or use a carpet stretching service. You do not really need to change a carpet that is still in good condition unless the existing carpet is no longer presentable in appearance. Instead of buying a new carpet, hiring people with expertise in carpet repair and restoration will not only put new life into your existing carpet but also save you some money.

A carpet facelift can certainly change the look of your existing carpet. And best of all, it eliminates the dangers of bumps and wrinkles on the carpet flooring.

Why opt for professional carpet care services?

Carpet care experts have the experience and expertise to successfully clean carpets. They have the proper tools and equipment to successfully complete the task. You may choose to do the job yourself but the result may not be as good as what the professionals can achieve.

Why Opt For Professional Carpet Cleaning Services?

carpet stain removal redbankIf you clean your own carpets, then you know how much time and effort it takes to finish the task. While it’s true that you can save some money cleaning carpets yourself, however, many people choose to have their carpets cleaned by a professional because of the many benefits of professional carpet cleaning.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a professional carpet cleaner.

Save time. Carpet cleaning is very time-consuming especially when you include upholstery cleaning in your home. The prep work and the cleaning process will take a lot of time. But when you hire a professional to do the job, you do not have to worry about carpet cleaning and spending your precious time cleaning.

Effective removal of pet odour. If you have a pet at home, you likely have musty odours around. Pet odour can linger into the carpet and can be impossible to remove with an ordinary household cleaning product. Professional carpet cleaners can remove pet odour effectively.

Prolong carpet life. You will enjoy a well-maintained carpet more. It does not only add higher value to your home but also help the carpet to last longer. Hiring a carpet cleaning expert can extend the life of your carpet by several years, meaning you won’t have to repair it or replace it as often.

Get the job done right the first time. Of course, the most important part about using professional service is you can ensure your carpet gets the proper cleaning it deserves. In many cases, people who attempted to clean their own carpet end up calling a professional service later to fix the issues they created, or hire them the next time their carpet is due for a cleaning.

Carpet Care – Reasons To Use Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

stain removal silkstoneQuality carpets add beauty to your home and you want them to look their best. Unfortunately, carpet cleaning is an inevitable task. Carpets products must have regular maintenance as they can easily catch debris, dirt and even house pests. Professional carpet cleaning can help keep your carpet flooring look clean and fresh all the time.

Cleaning your carpets is a task you can leave to the professionals so you can spend your time on other more important matters. Here are some reasons why it’s best to hire a professional to clean your carpets.

Fast and efficient service. Carpet cleaning by yourself may take a lot of time and ineffective. Carpet cleaning experts use faster and efficient method of cleaning. As professionals, they are well-equipped to clean different types of rugs. They also use sophisticated equipment and proven methods. Effective cleaning technique, combined with efficient tools and equipment, help them to remove stains and dirt from rugs with ease while preserving the texture of the rug.

They take care of the arduous process. Part of carpet cleaning is moving furniture around to vacuum covered areas and treating it with cleaning solutions. This process can be time-consuming and tiring and professional cleaners do all this instead of you.

Improve indoor air quality. Who doesn’t want clean air inside the home? Vacuum cleaning your rugs is not enough to perform deep cleaning. Professionals know cleaning techniques that will reach the inner side of the carpet to remove deep down dirt and contaminants. Thorough carpet cleaning produces better indoor air quality.

Professional cleaning can help extend carpet lifespan. Professional cleaning services can help rugs last for a long time. It also helps to preserve its pristine look. Regular carpet maintenance and disinfection is a must to prolong can your rug’s life and keep it clean longer.

Professionals offer a guarantee. Good carpet cleaners offer guarantees for all their services for a certain period after carpet cleaning. It may also include a free follow-up service when stains and some concerns with the cleaning service.

It won’t be easy to duplicate the quality of carpet cleaning and professional result specialists can achieve. Let the professionals do the cleaning and enjoy the benefits of expert cleaning services.

Tips To Keep Your Carpet Clean After A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

end of lease carpet cleaning dinmoreYou want to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet after a professional carpet cleaning service. No matter how careful we are maintaining the cleanliness of carpets becomes a potential issue for homeowners. Consider these carpet care tips to help maintain your carpet following a carpet cleaning service.

Never walk on the carpet before it is dry. Make sure the carpet is completely dry before you step on it. Wet carpet tends to get dirty easily. Never walk on wet carpeting, whether you clean up a small spill or after a professional cleaning to avoid tracking new soil. A carpet isn’t clean until it is completely dry.

Walking barefoot over cleaned carpet doesn’t really help. The natural oils in your skin may leave oily residues on the carpet which can easily attract dirt and leave your carpet with a dirty look. Remove shoes but do not walk barefoot on the carpet. Wear socks or slippers that you only use indoor.

Never let spills and stains remain on the carpet for a long time. Accidents happen and spills and stains can make your carpet look bad. Clean up any spillage immediately. The more time it stays on the carpet, the harder it becomes to clean it.

Clean spills or stains properly. Rubbing the carpet spills or stains with cloth is not such a good idea. It will only cause carpet fibres to absorb the liquid stain further. Instead of rubbing, blot or dry the spills or stains clean cloth or paper towels. Try to use water to clean the stain first. If water does not work, you may use a small amount of dish detergent to get rid of carpet stains. Using a carpet stain remover is another option. However, when nothing seems to work, better contact your professional carpet cleaner for help.

Vacuum carpet regularly. Periodic vacuum cleaning of the carpet helps to keep your carpet looking and feeling clean longer after a professional cleaning service. So make it a usual practice.


Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Your Carpet Cleaning Company

end of lease carpet cleaning tivoliUsing a carpet cleaning service can be really helpful if you want to keep your carpets clean all year round. Finding a carpet cleaning company should be a pretty easy process but many people find it difficult as they end up hiring a bad carpet cleaning company.

We take a look at the mistakes people make when hiring a local carpet cleaning company.

Hiring a company based on the cheapest prices. We all want to save money but when it comes to services, hiring the cheapest quote usually does not guarantee quality service. There are many instances of misleading promotions designed to entice people to book a service over the phone. But once the cleaners get into your home, you will be surprised to know the quote you got is only for a basic clean and be pressured to consider a higher priced process that you should have known in the first place.

Also, it is usually the case that companies that offer cheap prices use cheap equipment, which may compromise the quality of the service they provide.

Choosing a company without checking reviews and reliability. You will want to know more about the carpet cleaner you consider hiring to ensure you get dependable people to do the job for you. Not doing some basic research about the company is a big mistake.

It is important to know important information such as their track record, the equipment they use, proven results, insurance and service guarantee. You want to make sure that they are qualified and asking a few basic questions will help you decide whether or not they are the company you can depend on.

Hiring a company based on the tools and equipment they use. Having a proper equipment and cleaning products can really make a big difference. However, you must not forget that experienced and skilled cleaning technicians know the correct technique to use cleaning equipment and products efficiently.

You may want to ask about their experience and industry certificate to see if a company is competent in cleaning carpets. It is important to know if their cleaners are fully trained before scheduling your carpet cleaning appointment.